Sunday, January 4, 2015

{ Vibrant Workout Outfit of The Day }

My favorite way to exercise? WALKING! Every night and weekend morning (when I don't have to get up to go to school) I take Cooper on a long walk around town... A great way to get me out of bed (and do something productive). Cooper demands it and so does my Fitbit! (I will be talking more about the Fitbit on Friday so check back!)

On another note, I wanted to tell you about these two workout outfits that I got for Christmas. The raspberry long sleeve is perfect for night walks or cooler mornings... Green berry short sleeve tee for afternoon! Both are lightweight and easy to wear... and they keep you cool! Nobody likes to be all sweaty! Best of all, they are from Target! Who doesn't love Target?!
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  1. Come and pick me up if you'd like company walking!!! It would actually get me out!

  2. They look adorable on you. I LOVE Target and fortunately or unfortunately, I have one about 5 minutes from my house.


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