Friday, January 30, 2015

{ Cancer's Hidden Blessings: See & Sip }

Today I took my dad to one of his post-chemo appointments... Something I have decided I don't mind helping out with... Thankfully UCI Medical Center has a beautiful campus! It is actually fun to just go and sit outside and enjoy the scenery. I had more time to kill than expected, as they decided to hook him up with an hour drip of fluids... With the room pretty full, I decided to go down to the cute little coffee shop right outside the building. (Another major plus!) While sitting there, sipping my French Vanilla Ice Blended coffee (yum!) I was thinking about some new things to blog or reflect on in my life. Hmm... I decided that I should start journaling/blogging every "hidden blessing" moment that I come across. That way I (and anyone reading who is going through a similar situation and needs to see a glimmer of light in what can be such a dark tunnel) can visually look back and see all of the small blessings God has hidden beneath the words "cancer" and "chemo". My mom has also helped to inspire the idea, as she has started writing down the things that she/we can still do while going through this adventure. For example, taking a bubble bath with the lights dimmed and a candle burning... Going shopping for a few hours... Or enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Even bigger trips such as going to Disneyland and major traveling trips (that we will do when summertime comes around) are even more special and meaningful to us. These little reminders will pop up every now and then on the blog so keep an eye out! Thanks for listening!

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  1. Oh I'm excited about this theme! Yes! I have recently been reflecting on hidden blessings of Cora's time in the cast a year ago. Deepening relationships with others who felt called to serve us with meals or other help during that time, more time at home together as a family, that I was still able to host a girls' weekend that was important to me with Cora in the cast, etc. I love you! Kelly

  2. Courtney, You and your mom are so wise. You are so right, God shows us many blessings during hard times. We just have to be aware of them. One of the greatest blessings is seeing his hand in helping us through the tough times. I know that I also appreciated the little things in life so much more. Love you, Karen


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