Sunday, July 12, 2015

{ What's In My Carry On Bag? }

Hey everyone! I am so excited...! Know why? I am going to Tennessee in a few short days! (Which means I have a lot to do!) I know what your thinking... She is crazy. Doesn't she know how hot and humid it is in the summer time?! Yes I sure do! You see, every year my mom, brother, grandma and I all go to Tennessee for a family reunion. We see all sorts of fun (and crazy) relatives... Eat lots of good southern soul food (such as the Cracker Barrel)... Stay up way too late blabbing about everything under the sun... I LOVE it! Family is SUPER important to me and growing up going to these reunions has made such a positive impact in my life. Just taking the time to slow down and listen to the stories that my grandmother and her siblings tell about when they were kids... Catching up with family we only get to see this one time a year... It's great!

So while I am scrambling to get ready for this years trip I decided that I wanted to share some traveling tips + tricks with all of you! Today I will show you what I like to pack in my carry on bag.

I will start by saying that how and with what I fill my carry on bag may not satisfy every one's idea of a "well packed" carry on. That's ok! We are all different and like to bring different goodies along with us. Some may say that mine is "excessive". Maybe it is... That is just how I like it! I call it well prepared. So just take the ideas you like, discard the ones you don't... but hopefully you will pick up few new helpful hints along the way! So here we go!

When choosing a bag be sure it is large enough to fit all of your goodies but not too large that it won't fit under your seat or in the overhead bin. The flight attendants wouldn't like that. Fun Fact: Did you know my momma is a flight attendant? She sure is! Now back to the bag! 

I found this beauty in Downtown LA at a store called Cebu. Besides finding this gorgeous bag I found someone else as well... I met Andrew Coleman, a designer on the show Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis! I was going crazy! I get excited just thinking about it! I almost ran right into him. Luckily I didn't!

Boy do I keep getting off topic...

I like to bring a variety of writing utensils along for the ride. Pens, pencils, gel pens, etc... 

This emerald bag is also from Cebu! (I have another one in white you will see later)

Look at this cool coloring book that I found at Barnes and Noble the other day! Perfect for traveling! It is filled with a ton of gorgeous animals for you to color in with bright, vibrant colors.

Reading material and notebooks for when inspiration strikes.

Carefully pack away all necessary electronics and their chargers!

All chargers wrapped with rubber bands and packed away...

Cosmetics! For this trip I am planning to keep my hair down and straight because I think that will handle the plane and driving the best. I like to bring along my hair brush and a few cosmetics so that I can do a quick freshening up when I feel the need. Bring any medications you may need along in your carry on (just in case your checked bag doesn't make it to your destination). If your like me be sure you don't forget the Claritin for allergies!

*Don't forget to pack away any and all liquids in quart-sized Ziploc bags to make it through security without any issues.*

Last but not least... Don't forget a few of your favorite movies!

*Now it's time to put it all together*

For added convenience I have even thrown in a printable travel checklist to make sure you have everything for your big trip!

Have a great weekend! (I have to get back to packing!)

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