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I'm Courtney.

I am a sophomore in college and live in Southern California with my family and Golden Retriever, Cooper. First of all I love to be creative! I love interior design, fashion, crafting and making jewelry. In high school I was the President of the Craft Club... A fun lunchtime club held once a month where we got together, made fun crafts and usually ate way too much pizza...

In my free time, I enjoy making new things... My mom and I love to go on day trips every so often and get a cup of coffee, sit, talk and enjoy escaping from reality for a few hours. We love to go to thrift shops, flea markets and of course Ikea. My family and I are very close and enjoy going to Disneyland together at night when we can.

Interior design (another love of mine) always amazes me... How just a few accessories and a gallon of paint can fully transform a room, and the way you live in response to it. I love going to flea markets and imagining what I would do to recreate old worn out pieces... watching HGTV designers such as Genevieve Gorder and Emily Henderson (my personal favorites) on TV... and designing my own room and helping my mom spruce up our house.

When it comes to fashion it can be hard to find ourselves... when we are constantly told what to wear, not to wear and how to wear it... Through the years I have found what I think looks good on me and what I feel comfortable in (as I am a modest person), while still incorporating new styles and trends as they come and go. I hope that through my outfit of the day posts, I can help give you ideas on how to dress modestly while still looking fashionable!

In the past few years (partly thanks to getting Cooper and also finding out my dad had colon cancer) I have made more of a commitment to stay healthier and become more active... This means going on daily walks and changing my eating habits to cleaner, lighter meals. At first I was unsure where to begin as I know many of us are when we first start out... As time has gone by, and I have researched and become more aware of what is really "healthy" for my body, I have seen a huge improvement! From this, I hope that the recipes that I share on this blog will help to show you that eating healthy and exercising really isn't very difficult at all. Now I am certainly not perfect, I still eat candy and treat myself whenever we are out... but I try and cook good meals on a regular basis, so that I can splurge and eat a piece of chocolate cake and Swedish Meatballs from Ikea when I feel like it.  :)

Most importantly I am a Christian... rejoicing in God's everlasting and unchanging love! 

I really appreciate all of those who take the time out of your day to read this blog...Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Courtney! I LOVED reading this page! Can't wait to spend some time with you in May! Kelly

  2. Uncle Dade told me about this page. Somehow I had missed it. Loved reading about YOU!

  3. I know you're wondering who Uncle Dade is. Should have proofread. :)


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