Saturday, May 23, 2015

{ Halo Top Ice Cream Review }

I am so excited that it is finally the holiday weekend and I bet you are too! Sorry I disappeared into thin air like that... It feels great to be back to blogging after a difficult week with my computer (we were not getting along). It decided not to load anything and move as slow as molasses... So annoying! That meant that I could not edit any of the images I wanted to post. :( 
I don't know about you, but that is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves! No need to worry though. I updated some programs and we are all set to edit and post. As good as new! Yea!

So to start off the Memorial Day weekend I thought that you may be in need of a healthier alternative to snack on, with all of the goodies that may be floating around this weekend. What do I mean? Halo Top ice cream! Sounds good right?! Halo Top ice cream is an all-natural, non-GMO, low in sugar and carbs, protein rich ice cream! Oh, and did I mention the WHOLE container is only 240 calories! That's amazing if I do say so myself!

I was excited and curious when deciding try it... although a little nervous. I read some reviews, saw photos on Instagram, heard about other similar brands such as Arctic Zone... I decided to put on my big girl pants on and just try it out. Why not? I also knew that I wanted to share the results of my taste test with all of you! So here we go:

As you can see I tried both the Strawberry and the Lemon Cake flavors. When I first opened up the cartons, they looked soft and delicious, so immediately I got out a spoon and dug in! At first I was not quite sure what I thought. Was it good? Did I like the texture? 

After a few bites I was hooked! They have a sherbet like consistency and smoothness about them that I really enjoyed. I found that the Lemon Cake was a little bit softer than the Strawberry but it made little to no difference. I had previously read reviews that suggested the Lemon Cake was the best flavor but I actually think that I enjoyed the Strawberry just a bit more personally. The Lemon Cake was amazing but the Strawberry tasted just like classic Strawberry ice cream. Lemon Cake tastes kind of like a lemon cheesecake or lemon pound cake... Very good but just not the traditional "ice cream" richness in flavor. I found that I really enjoyed mixing the two flavors. One scoop on top of the other!

What it looked like before my spoon got to it...

After I attacked... Yummy!

As a quick side note, we had company in town a few weeks ago and their kids can't have dairy. Poor kiddos! They are super cute and don't let it stop them from enjoying delicious ice cream though! So we bought an alternative they could eat and of course I had to try it out. It was Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream. I enjoyed it and would recommend it if you like the taste of coconut milk, as I found it to taste just like drinking some. Wow... Does that surprise anyone? I did find that it was VERY frozen when you first take it out of the freezer so I would recommend leaving it out to warm up on the counter for a little while before you dig in. Or if you are more impatient (like me) stick it in the microwave for a few seconds. Either way it is delicious and decadent!  

I can't wait to try Arctic Zero and their great variety of flavors to choose from. How will I ever decide? Overall I would definitely recommend Halo Top Ice Cream! Thanks for letting me ramble on about my slight ice cream obsession! I would love to know if anyone has ever tried Halo Top or Arctic Zero... or if you try it after reading this... Just leave me a comment!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

{ Two Peas In A Pod }

Happy Mother's Day!

My momma... my mamacita... my mamma-dre... mommy. 

Whatever name I decide to call her by, she grants me love and comfort, fun and adventure, everyday we are together (or apart). We are definitely two peas in a pod. I have started noticing lately just how similar we really are. It's kind of scary. I will do something, for example I HATE having fans blow right on me, kinda crazy I know, but that immediately makes me think "Oh my goodness. That is sooo my mother!". (I honestly don't mind being like her... She IS amazing!)

I love the little moments in our life that make up the biggest memories I will forever cherish. We share a bathroom, yes by choice not because we "have" to...

I love going to bed looking over and seeing her testing out a new "treatment" for her skin or weird gadget she just discovered... Or even watching you-tube videos, as she tries to learn at least a little bit about everything that she can. Her thirst for knowledge is inspiring and amazing! 

I always look forward to the times we get to run away from the boys and go do "girl stuff"... Getting our nails done, massages, going to Downtown LA or just a "quick" (it never really is. who are we kidding) trip to Hobby Lobby.

I am so thankful for the amazing mentor in my life that I get to call mommy! I love you soooo much! Happy Mother's Day!

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