Friday, May 19, 2017

{ My Disney Story }

Happy Thursday! 
Today I am talking all about how my love and passion for Disney got started, grew, and took me on this amazing journey that has lead me to where/who I am today!

Many people can remember their very first trip to a Disney park, as it is a memory that will last a lifetime. How they felt, what they thought about the castle, how excited they were, etc... I personally do not remember my first trip to Disneyland, or the second, third, fourth, tenth... and that's OK. I have lived in Southern California my whole life and have been visiting Disneyland ever since I was a kid... For me, every time I enter the park it feels so familiar yet so undiscovered. When I step onto Disney property, I feel like I am home, however I know there is so much unexpected magic in store. 

When people find out that I have an annual pass and that I have had one my whole life, they always ask if I ever get tired of it. I have to be careful sometimes that I answer that question without too much sarcasm or attitude 😄. No. I certainly don't ever get tired of going to Disneyland. If I ever do find myself getting tired of Disneyland I know that I need to explore some new things and refresh my perspective. With so much going on at the parks, I have found that there is always something new to do or learn. Now there is an exception. If it is WAY TOO HOT or SUPER CROWDED I will become a little annoyed and want to leave earlier or not visit certain days, but besides that, I know that I am very blessed to visit as often as I do and I take full advantage of that. 

So as a kid, I stuck mostly with what the whole family wanted to do and we would all go to the parks together. Usually we would go at night for a few hours during the school year and then during the summer, pick days (like my birthday!) to go all day. Now that my brother and I have gotten older and have changing schedules, our visits are more random but actually more often. More recently we have loved going to Disneyland and California Adventure just the two of us, splitting up and doing the rides we want, and then meeting back up to eat, hang out, and talk about what we have been up to. 

These past few years we have both been increasingly interested in Disneyland history, news, and facts. Watching youtube videos has become one of my favorite things to do when I am not at the parks and want to keep up with all things Disney. Some of my favorites include Sprinkle Me Disney, Fresh Baked and Stuff, Justin Scarred (Randomland and Live Fast Die Poor), Mr.CheezyPop, Oh Yeah TV, Thingamavlogs, Super Carlin Brothers, Subway Mouse, and Magic JourneysAll of these channels are so incredible and put so much love and hard work into every video! They are all amazing! I can't thank them enough for the knowledge and fun that they have provided to me throughout the past few years. Learning more and becoming more interested in all things Disney has definitely led me to where I am today.

Thanks for sticking around this long (Sorry these was so much info today) but I hope you enjoyed learning about where my Disney journey began and where I am now. I hope to continue writing more about Disney in the future. Have a magical day!

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