Sunday, June 28, 2015

{ Summertime Squash Mashup Recipe }

Yummm! Hungry anyone? I have another mashup recipe for you! Be sure and check out all of my mashup's here! This summer I have been adding squash to a lot of my recipes... This is a fantastically easy, summertime recipe that I whipped up for dinner the other night. Delicious and super healthy! It is also great to make a big batch and stick it in the fridge for when you really need something fast! Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Summertime Squash Mashup Recipe:

Cooked Chicken Breast (cut into cubes)
Equal parts- Carrots, Yellow Squash, Italian Green Squash (or whatever kinds you like)
White Onion
Green Onion
Garnish with lemon, sea salt, pepper, and I even added rosemary.

Combine squash and carrots into pan (or cast iron skillet) and cook over medium-low heat about 10 minutes until slightly soft. Add chicken and onions and let cook another 5 minutes over medium-high heat until warm. Enjoy!

(You can also serve this over quinoa, rice or beans.)

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Friday, June 26, 2015

{ Moving Forward & Looking Back }

Guess what?!

I graduated high school! WOW! How did this happen?! I will be sticking around... Living at home, attending a local community college so no need to worry... My blogging adventures are definitely continuing! It will be nice to save some money, spend time with my family, and really figure out what I want to do with my life.

To think back through the years... I survived preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle and now high school. Through all of the early mornings, blisters from the monkey bars, upgrading to lockers... Life lessons and learning experiences (big and small) have continually influenced my school career. I think about all of the amazing (and some not so amazing) people that I have met along the way. Teaching me who I do and don't want to turn out to be.   :)

"Far from what I once was but not yet what I am going to be."

I have made so many amazing friends along the way and hope to continue those relationships into the future. I also strive to make new connections and explore my surroundings in the coming years. I want to be sure and take every opportunity available to expand my horizons, live a little happier, and enjoy each new day a little more.

"The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock."

Moving forward I hope to discover and explore my passions and interests... Fuel my creativity... and accomplish more than I could ever dream of. I want to be inspired. Inspire others and make my dreams come true. (Even when I am not exactly sure what those may be yet.)

"She believed she could so she did."

I am so excited about this new chapter in my life but I am still going to enjoy looking back at my past, which has shaped me into who I am today!

"I am going to succeed because I am crazy enough to think I can."

Hope everyone has an amazing Friday!  (The summer weather is making its appearance here in California and so staying cool is definitely part of the agenda for us this weekend!)

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Monday, June 15, 2015

{ Mood Board: Sunny Days Ahead }

sunny days ahead

Hello again! So sorry I have been gone so long! Just trying to wrap up the school year (enjoying every last minute of high school)... Lots to do! I will be back to my regular blogging schedule once I get out of school (less than a week... ehhh!) I can't wait to have time to make some great blog posts! Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{ Search for Serenity }

I am back! Yea! Life has been incredibly hectic lately. Several weeks of hosting different sets of company throughout the past couple months... School coming to a close, which means projects, finals, weird schedules to remember and scholarship deadlines... Trying to keep up with exercising and healthy eating... (it can easily turn into a full time job) I just can't seem to catch my breath before running into the next thing on my "to do" list. Anyone else feel the same way?

So here is the question... How do you manage to complete all of the tasks you want/need to get accomplished without killing yourself in the process? 

This past weekend wrapped up the last of our swarm of company for awhile. I should clarify that I LOVE having visitors, but after about the 5th set in a 2 month period, I need a break. I finally had Sunday to do what I wanted. But wait. No I didn't. I had to catch up with all of the other tasks that I had not been able to complete the previous week and then prepare for the week ahead which was quickly approaching. Ehhh! Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? A vicious cycle of running in circles, never feeling like you are truly getting anything "done". That is where I am at. Maybe even 2 or 3 miles past.

So what did I do? Yesterday afternoon, after I walked the dog, finished my workouts, turned in a scholarship, tried to go to the grocery store (found out there was a power outage in the center where it was located, so they wouldn't let me in... bummer) and finished homework, I decided that I needed to take a break and relax. Finally. I sat on the couch with my mom and enjoyed watching some "bad" reality TV, strayed from the healthy eating and grabbed lots of popcorn, chocolate chips and dried fruit (a weird combo but so good!). Later on I took the time to actually enjoy my bath... Lighting a candle, turning down the lights... I realized that I should take more little moments like those to reflect and take a breath.

I wondered why I (and so many others) get so frazzled and eaten alive by our responsibilities. Why do we let them take up all of our energy? Worrying, stressing, rushing from one thing to another...

I wondered if I could look at situations and tasks without all of the commotion.

Now in order to do this I know that I need to make some changes... No more procrastinating... Which I know really contributes to a lot of my stress. I need to be in control of my life and not let tasks overrule me. That's CRAZY! They don't have power over me or you!

Here are 3 simple steps to search for serenity:

Step 1: Set aside some time for yourself to enjoy the little things (or big) such as your favorite chocolates, visiting inspiring shops, taking a walk, catching up with your DVR, whatever it may be... Go for it! You won't regret it!

Step 2: Setting up a schedule. Now, not a schedule that is going to RULE OVER you. That is not the point! Just a simple outline of the things that you want/need to accomplish for the day ahead. I recently heard an amazing piece of advise. I don't remember where, it may have even been from a Biblical lesson on a podcast... Who knows... but it said that your day starts at night. What do I mean? For example, you need a good START to your day with a restful sleep at night, right?! Honestly at first I just needed some time to process such an idea. Wait... I should view the end of my day as the beginning? How does that work? It is confusing, but I do feel like it could make a huge difference in my life and yours. If we "start" our day off the night before on a positive note, then how much better will our day be?! 

Making a schedule really is not a difficult thing to do. I promise! I like to start by quickly writing down all the things that I NEED to do. Then write a list of things you would LIKE to do. Next you can write down about how much time it takes to complete the task. Then all you have to do is go through the list and start putting them in order of importance and see what you can realistically get done.

Easy enough. This would be the perfect thing to do to help "start" your day the night before so that you don't go to bed with a whole commotion going on in your head because you are trying to remember everything you have to accomplish.

Step 3: Looking at life positively! Wow. Who would have thought?! Honestly though... If we looked at things as opportunities to have fun and enjoy new experiences, instead of a chore or just a waste of time, can you imagine how much happier we would be? I know this is something I can always work on! Seeing the positivity in even the "yucky" situations.

I know this is a lot to dump on you but I just had to share what has been on my mind! I hope you found a bit of inspiration or guidance through this post! I would love to hear how you handle the craziness of life and if you try any of these tips! Thanks! Hope you have an amazing, re-energizing and restful day!

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Monday, June 1, 2015

{ June Printable Calendar }

(to print-just click on the image.right click to save to your the file and print!)

Hey everyone! Wow it's Monday again! Sorry I haven't been around in a while... Computer problems again. Ehhhh! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. So much going on lately! I will tell you more about it tomorrow but for now here is June's printable calendar.

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