Thursday, March 19, 2015

{ Iced Green Tea Recipe }

With spring quickly approaching and the temperatures rising, I have redesigned a winter habit of mine.

Lately I have been trying to incorporate more green tea into my diet. My personal goal is to drink 2-3 glasses a day. One in the morning before breakfast, one in the afternoon, and then one at night (not too late as it does contain some caffeine). I am sticking with serving my morning tea hot as I have in the past, but I am switching up my afternoon tea to this great "slushy" version. Cool and refreshing!

All you need to do is brew your tea, (helpful hint: brew your tea at least 10 minutes for maximum health benefits!) add ice to cool it down or let it sit and cool down. I used my Nutri-Bullet, so I divided my tea into 3 equal parts, added one part at a time with about 8 ice cubes. (I did this because the tea and ice mixture expands a TON when blended.) Then after blending the ice and tea mixture I transferred it to a big glass and continued on with the other two portions.

I also tried adding some frozen raspberries to the mixture and it turned out great! I think that frozen blueberries or frozen mango would taste great as well.

I love Thursday's because that means that tomorrow is Friday! Have a great day!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

{ BØRNS Concert }

Last night my mom and I went to an amazing concert to see the BØRNS! It was so much fun and we also got to meet up with some family there as well. My cousin Lauren is the keyboard player, so of course when we found out they were in town we had to go and support! It was a great night of good music and family. Be sure to check them out!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

{ California Salad Recipe }

Need a new idea for lunch? This California Salad is a great option! Fresh, healthy, and protein filled to keep you full.

It is super easy to make as well. Just combine cooked tilapia, brown rice, strawberries, diced apple, celery, leafy greens and kidney beans.

(printer and pinterest friendly photo)

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

{ Favorites: Healthy Snacks }

Today I have some great healthy snacks to share with you that I have been obsessing over!

First up... The most important meal of the day... Breakfast! Yum!

We went to Sprout's the other day and picked up several bags of granola (along with a cart full of other yummy treats) to try out for breakfast. I wanted to try something different that would be easy for me to take to school and eat in the car before class starts. One bag that made it's way into our cart and now my heart is New England Naturals Berry Coconut GranolaIt is gluten free, organic and unsweetened! What more could you want?

I add it into a little Greek Yogurt, mixed with smashed banana... Delicious! I have been CRAVING it! I will post the recipe soon!

Second in line today are Coco-Roons by Wonderfully Raw!

A sweet treat that are raw, organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free! They contain about 4g of sugar per Coco-Roon but you can easily just split it in half and make one Coco-Roon two servings... They are big and fill you up fast! I have the Vanilla Maple bag... Love the flavor and they are plenty big and rich to split in half!

I would love to hear some of your favorite healthy snacks! Let me know what you think about these! Have a great Sunday!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

{ The Unique Space & Emily Henderson }

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Do you know what I love about Tuesdays? My DVR gets filled with exciting new reality TV episodes! Anyone else enjoying 19 Kids and Counting or Dance Moms tonight? What TV shows let you escape from the craziness of daily life?

Way back when... I believe in 2010, (boy does that seem like a long time ago!) I OBSESSED over the HGTV program Design Star. Anyone else? If you haven't seen it and love interior design you MUST check it out! NOW! GO

Fabulous! SO inspiring! I could go on for hours...

Well last Friday I got to go meet and learn from the amazing Emily Henderson, Design Star season 5 winner!

It was located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, at The Unique Space for their "Pep Rally". Gorgeous! Such a creative and inspiring space to gather in. They even had Dulce Gusto coffee and a super cute granola bar from Little Branch Foods. Wait... and it was all free and open to the community! It could not have gotten any more fabulous! (Oh yeah and I went with my best friend... my mama!)

They even had a fun mural on the outside of the building!

Here are some pics of the space!

Emily talked about her upbringing and how she ended up designing... gave great business advice... and held a Q&A portion as well. It was soooo helpful and really gave me the inspirational boost that I needed! Thanks again to Emily Henderson and The Unique Space for the amazing opportunity! I would highly suggest checking them out if you are in the LA area, and if not branch out and search for a fun workshop in your area!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

{ March Printable Calendar }

(to print-just click on the image.right click to save to your the file and print!)

Here it is! I can't believe March is already here! I have some fun things to share with you this week! Can't wait!

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