Saturday, August 8, 2015

{ Girls Weekend }

Hello! I know I have been a little MIA lately but there is just soooo much going on around here! We are currently cleaning out the majority of our house in an effort to install hardwood flooring downstairs! Yea! I am so excited! Due to our massive mirror falling and shattering all over our living room floor awhile back (now the flooring is "designer" concrete- yes, glue swirls and everything!) along side the carpet that has survived seen almost 19 years of my brother and I "growing up"... it was in desperate need of a facelift! So here it comes! If we are ready or not ;) yikes! I am also working on a really exciting creative project! (You'll hopefully see the final result soon) All while enjoying my last few weeks of summer before I start my freshman year of college! Crazy! Besides all of the work I should be doing but instead I am blogging (hehehe) I wanted to share a fun girls getaway that my mom and I had this past weekend...

With all of the commotion going on at home we knew that we needed a day to just get away!

First we went to Downtown LA (we needed a few jewelry supplies-you can never have too many right?). Before hitting the shops we filled up on Valerie's at Grand Central Market. We are obsessed what can I say... FYI- If you go I would highly recommend ordering the french toast plate and the egg/potato/toast/bacon breakfast plate (served with their glorious homemade jam). Delicious! Anyways... Then we grabbed some juices at Press Brothers Juicery and made our way down to the produce section. Guess what?! Have I mentioned we can be a little "extreme" in some cases? We hauled a large cooler all the way up there just so that we could stock up on some yummy produce without it going bad in the summer heat. I say it was a fabulous idea!

After eating and shopping was completed we headed over to another one of our favorites, Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills for a late lunch/dinner. Before heading back we drove around some nearby neighborhoods to check out the beautiful houses. Ending the day happy and with full stomachs, ready to get back to work! (maybe)

Share your favorite plans in the comments section below! Have a wonderful weekend!

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