Sunday, September 20, 2015

{ Charity Miles }

Hello there! I am really excited to be able to share a new discovery of mine that will not only benefit your own health but others too! I have been following the Tone It Up ladies, Karena and Katrina, to help me eat healthier and get into shape with their nutrition plan and exercise videos. I love how they create fun "challenges" several times a year (usually one themed for each season).  Their Fit For Fall Challenge is starting Monday (Sept 21) and is 8-weeks. They are adding an amazing addition to this season's challenge... It's a Charity Challenge!

Sometimes charity challenges can be difficult or complicated, leading me to not participate as I should. This one is NOT! 



This is a great way to help others and help me stay motivated as well!

Head on over to the Tone It Up website or the link above to see how you can easily join the Tone It Up Charity Challenge. (You just need an email!) Let me give you an easy overall how-to:

1) Download the free CharityMiles App on your mobile device
2) Choose from a TON of different charities provided
3) Walk or run and earn money for your charity! (a sponsor will pay for every mile to the charity you choose)

You can even raise money for a different charity each time you exercise. That way no charity is left out!

I have even decided to create our own Team so that we can all help support each other! Just go to the "Teams" section and search for @courtandcompany. There is also a team for @ToneItUp if you would like to join me in that as well.

Here are the teams I joined...

Hope you all join me!

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