Friday, April 17, 2015

{ Your Guide: Grand Central Market }

Happy Friday! While reflecting on last week's spring break fun, I wanted to share with you my guide to Southern California. My mom and I went on one of our much needed LA trips on Saturday and had a blast! Now an LA day for us does not just mean LA... It can also include Beverly Hills, Malibu, etc. depending on what we are in the mood for. Whenever I find a fun new hangout I want to be sure and let you know... and I thought this would be the perfect way to do so!

To start off this new series I will begin with Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles.

We actually just discovered this hidden gem on Saturday and can't wait to go back! Definitely a new favorite! Grand Central Market opened in 1917 and has not stopped pleasing the community since. They serve a variety of bakery items, fresh juices, spices, Asian cuisines, cheeses, ice cream, flowers... The list goes on and on! You can also park in the parking structure conveniently located right next door.

When we arrived we did a loop around the whole building to check out our options and decided to stop at Valerie for breakfast and coffee.

After enjoying a leisurely breakfast, (they have THE BEST french toast and homemade jam), sitting side-by-side at the counter lined with retro red stools, we wanted to go and grab a few juices at Press Brothers Juicery, a stand we had passed when we made our initial walk through.

Holy Smokes! I fell in love the minute I opened mine (Liquid Gold) and smelt it! The perfect sweet scent of mint and pineapple filled my lungs. Delicious! How could this even be real?! I of course then had to proceed to taste my moms and had just the same reaction. So incredibly fresh and natural! After ordering our drinks we realized just how much time we had spent chatting and relaxing, and knew that we must move on to our next destination... The Jewelry District in DTLA which will be explained in the next Your Guide post!

Our day was so much fun! I hope that you will enjoy these new posts, and that they will give you some fun spots to check out. What are your plans for this weekend?

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  1. This is PERFECT timing, Courtney! I have been prepping for our trip and we will spend about 24 hours in L.A. before heading out to you guys. I hope we will get to visit the market. The building is beautiful! I also just discovered this place (well discovered it online and very much hope to visit). Have you ever been there? Kelly


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