Friday, April 3, 2015

{ A Day At Disney: Part 1 }

Wahoo! A Disneyland day in review! It gets me excited just thinking about it! Tuesday night my family and I enjoyed a quick trip to Disneyland. It was crowded because of  spring break crowds but we didn't mind. We got a chance to do some different activities, such as going to see the goats (new babies included, so cute!) the train and watching the Soundsational Parade... lots of fun!

So at first I was thinking about posting a list of Disneyland secrets... Then I got to thinking that there are a TON of those available already. What was something a little bit different that I could share with you? Well, I decided to share what a typical day at Disneyland looks like for us. Some of our go-to restaurants and rides, as well as some tips (and maybe even some secrets included as well). I began writing this post and it seemed as though it would never end! So I am going to break up this post across a couple of days in order to make it less daunting for you to read through.

Generally our favorite day of the week to visit Disney is on Sunday. Of course if we know that both my brother and I are available on a Tuesday before my dad's next chemo, that is a great day to go as well. (Weekdays are usually a bit less crowed). So let's say we go on a Sunday... We will either go in the morning from the time they open to about noon, or we will choose to go in the evening, about 5 and stay till 10. 

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For the morning trip I unfortunately can't tell you much about breakfast ideas (since we live so close to Disneyland, we just eat before we leave the house). I can however tell you a few ideas based on recommendations I have heard around the block. Everyone should be plenty familiar with a little company known as Starbucks... (If not, you really need to run and find one... fast!) Yummm! They have two locations to choose from. One on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure (which is a lot bigger and less crowded) and one in on Main Street in Disneyland itself. You could also check out The Carnation CafĂ© for a great variety of options. Jolly Holiday Bakery for what else? Delicious bakery items of course! Last but not least the River Belle Terrace, which offers Mickey Mouse Pancakes.

One note about stopping for breakfast that you may want to consider... Early morning is the BEST time to go on rides! If there are a few of the "bigger" or more crowded rides that you are wanting to ride, I would definitely recommend going on those first. You could always go on a few rides and then enjoy a later breakfast when lines become a bit longer.

Hope that helped! Be sure and stay tuned for more Disney to come!

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