Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{ A Day At Disney: Part 2 }

On the last post I discussed delicious breakfast options with you that are sure to start your morning off on the right foot... Guess what today is? Afternoon activities!

California is known for its great weather, but during the afternoon (especially during the summer months) you may need a break from the sunny skies to cool off indoors. So what do you do? Shows are a great activity during the afternoon. Grab some lunch and watch a nearby show. The Enchanted Tiki Room is a fabulous option! Make sure and grab a Dole Whip while your at it!

You can also watch a show at the Golden Horseshoe. Hilarious and interactive! Sit close to the front and you too may become apart of the show! All sorts of ice cream floats and sundaes available as well.

If you aren't in the mood for a show or don't mind the weather, you can always grab a treat at one of the many food carts located all across Disneyland. I recently discovered that Toontown also serves some delicious treats such as individual pizzas, frozen yogurt and slushies!

I do have a favorite that hasn't been mentioned yet... 

Village Haus in Fantasyland. My brother and I love to go there and take a quick break from running around the park to enjoy their burgers and fries. Yummm! Hits the spot!

Next up on the series... Disney after dark!

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  1. Caleb really wanted to go to the Tiki Room while we were there, but somehow there just wasn't enough time. I'm thinking a 2-Day pass is in order for our next visit.


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