Saturday, December 27, 2014

{ Post-Holiday Outfit of the Day }

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I can't believe it has come and gone already, but we now we can enjoy our Christmas presents! 

With a chambray top, my Babakul jeans (my favorite everyday pair), orthotic boots, and new Fitbit band (which I will share on a future post) you just can't go wrong.

This J.Crew necklace was one of my favorite gifts! It is easy to wear with any outfit, simple and classy with a bit of sparkle.  It is supposed to be worn as a long necklace as it is 31" in length. I decided to double wrap it and make it short instead. I also showed two different ways it can be worn short above.

I wish I could tell you where to find the Babakul jeans but unfortunately I can't find them anywhere! I have been wanting to buy more ever since I bought these about a year ago, but they no longer make them, as far as I know. If I had known when I bought them, I would have come home with 20 pairs!

(This is in no way shape or form sponsored by anyone! Just me and my own opinions)

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  1. I tried to comment earlier but was not sure it posted. So excited about your blog.

  2. I really like how you did the necklace in the top photo! Who is your photographer? :) love you! Looks great!! Kelly

    1. Thank you sooo much! I do all of the photos with a simple tripod... Love you Kelly!


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